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Home LOFT SUITE CHALET Alpine Adaptive Chalet Adaptive Chalet Adaptive Chalet These 2-level homes, with more than 2000
square feet of living space, along with 1-car
garage, additional parking and large 'gear'
storage, feature 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths
and 3 lower level development options.
Alpine LOFT Chalet SUITE
Chalet Suite Chalet Suite These seperately titled, self-contained units
offer over 700 square feet of developed space
with 1 off-street parking stall and street front
parking for visitors or clients.
Alpine Adaptive LOFT CHALET
Alpine Loft Adaptive Chalet CHALET SUITE Alpine Loft These popular ‘above garage’, self contained
homes, with 900 square feet of living space
along with 1-car garage, additional parking
for 2 cars and large ‘gear’ storage, feature
2 bedrooms and 2 baths and an open concept
living area.
Unit Combinations Unit Combinations Separate titles, entrances, features and parking
make combining different units within the Slopes
an attractive option for extended families,investors
and entrepreneurs. Unit Combinations offer choice
and flexibility in living areas, parking configurations,
rental income and commercial uses that allow you
to truly adapt your alpine property to suit your
specific lifestyle requirements!
Adaptive Chalet Chalet Suite Alpine Loft Unit Combinations

Adaptive Chalet

Living Up Level
Bedroom Level

Chalet Suites (Lower Level) Options


Alpine Loft

Alpine Loft

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